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Flopsys story’s; Part five,

Dear Mommy, te amo. I am having LOTS and LOTS of fun here (Maybe to much fun)! And trying my best not to get into to much trouble.

I have been playing lots of games with Thor like Clue (It was Ms. Poodle in the room that has the bed and with the food dish!), Banana Grams (I made some hard words like KONG, Thor, Squirrels, Feeding, and Time!! Thor is pretty good at that one to but I won!!), Uno (We played with Adrian and Megan and I won even though I learned how to play yesterday!! Thor still had seven cards left!!!)Blokus (I won with Blue and Red!!! And Thor had -27 points!!),Guess who (Thor had the English Mastiff!!!!)  and Who can Pick up the biggest toy (Thor won that one, He picked up his HUGE KONG 🙁). 

I have been obeying much better now. I don’t get on the couches so much. I don’t have detention so often either. I am learning how to play a game where Audrey put a treat in one of her hands and I have to find it. When I find it, it is very yummy. I also have been studying Spanish. Uno means one!

There is not much snow. It is also very cold but not wet. It is not very sunny either. Maybe it will melt and warm up soon, it is freezing outside. 

I have perfected how to steal food from Thor, but I still have not tried his water yet. It is still very deep! Thor does not eat my food so often now.

Thor is about siete años.  I can’t remember how old I am. I just learned I am lighter then the neighbors’ barn gato. He must eat a lot of mice and birds and other things that sound awful (Like cat food). 

I am glad you are coming home soon because I can nos vemos pronto!




Flopsy’s autobiography : Chapter 4

Dear Mommy, I love you a lot!!! I have been having lots of fun here.

My new friend, Thor and I play hide and go seek. It is lots of fun! I hide and Thor seeks. It is lots of fun! Here is how we play; Thor counts squirrels quietly but he usually falls asleep. I hide and Thor tries to find me when he wakes up (he is very lazy). Most times he doesn’t  look for me but sometimes he finds me accidentally! That is when it is the most fun.

The other day Nora came over. It was very fun and I enjoyed it. We watched a movie. I think it was called The Love Bug. They kept talking to someone named Herby who never answered but honked a horn instead.

And on Sunday they watched a dragon movie.  I did not watch it. It was very loud and VERY scary! Dragons kept flying at the screen but they never came out into the room. One dragon acted a lot like Thor. 

The kids brush me but I don’t like it unless I am on my bed. Their daddy said I was a silly dog and I wonder if that is a good thing. They still take me out on a leash, but I am getting used to it. 

On Sunday, it was squirrel appreciation day. I showed my appreciation by barking at them a lot. (Yes, I got detention.) It was also National Hugging Day but I did not hug the squirrels! Adrian said that they bite.  I wonder how he knows that?

Thor is having fun with me! We play a lot and have fun too. Thor plays with his KONG and I have no idea how he holds it in his mouth. The kong is that big! It is even bigger than my food dish!

I have learned how to steal Thor’s food! It is easy. The biggest problem is to make sure I do not fall in. The water is not working so well, as I can barely reach it and am afraid that I will drown if I fall in.

I am having lots of fun. I wish you where here to have fun with me and play with me.

I love you and miss you.





In Jail

The continuing saga of Flopsy…

Dear Mommy, I love you a lot. I miss you a lot too! I had to go to jail for detention (Audrey made me sit and stay for a whole 10 seconds!) because I was so excited Grandma and Grandpa come over! 

Then we were allowed visitors at the jail. I thought they were going to release me . But Grandma and Grandpa did not take me home with them! Jonathan snuck in some treats!!! They were LOTS better than my normal food! And, he did not give any to Thor 🙂

I whined a lot when they left, I was so sad I could not go see Leah Dea. The jailers did not like me to whine (so I got another 10 second detention!  They are so mean!)

There are lots of couches but I can not go on any of them. I like my bed though and they don’t mind me jumping on it.  My favorite place for my bed is by Audrey or in the sunny windows. 

Food time is after Audrey gets home from work. She leaves twice a day!

I like it when Audrey takes me for a walk. Once she took Thor 🙁  Uggh it started out awful! But I raced him instead.  He is a slow poke and I won! It was funner then! 

Have fun eating iguana! (Have you tried it in stew?) I love you! 



P.S.  Adrian says I exaggerate a lot.  I don’t know what that means, but I bet something really good!


World Snowman Day

Today is World Snowman Day! It is not snowmen snow right now but it might be today.

Last week Nora came over and helped us make snowmen. We had fun. She helped me make a BIG snowman. It was probably bigger then Mark! But it fell over in about an hour. We had lots of fun!

Camp McGuire

After a rough firstday, Flopsy enjoyed the next day much more!

Dear Mommy,

I love you, and miss you. Life here at camp is so much fun. My counselors are Audrey and Megan!

I have a new friend, his name is Thor. Thor is big and snores a lot but I like him, his counselor is Adrian. We play a game called ‘The Couches are Lava’. If you get on one they take you off, so the flames are extinguished! We play it easy so all the couches are lava but our beds are safe.

We don’t know when mess hour is but usually it’s after Audrey gets home both times . Audrey leaves a lot but it might be a surprise for me… Or it might be to feed the animals across the street, but I don’t know and I won’t ask.

It has been snowing here a lot. My biggest problem is that it is very cold out.The camp is very nice and warm and I like it a lot.

I am learning lots of new things like obeying, reading, and writing. Maybe I can get my hair dyed red like Audrey and maybe it will turn pink, I like pink a lot! I hope you are cool there and make sure you drink a lot of lemonade.

Love you a lot,


Babysitting Flopsy

This month we are babysitting Flopsy (Oma’s dog). She is white and small. We are making up stories about Flopsy with just a little bit of truth in them.  Here is the first note that “Flopsy” wrote to Oma.

Dear Mommy,

I love you! These weeks without you have been soooo long. Audrey leaves a lot and I miss her, I whine hoping she will come back faster but they don’t like it. They also don’t let me on couches, they scold me when I get on one. At night when I go out Audrey puts me on a leash because I decided to take a walk on my own one night.  She did not like having to come look for me at their neighbors.

Their big dog is mean. He eats my food when I don’t touch it for a while, he sometimes drinks my water too! They put me in a cage when they leave but Thor (their dog) gets to roam around, it’s just not fair.

Mommy please! please! please! Get me out of here! Get back soon! Otherwise I might starve to death! But it’s time for bed now mommy.

Goodnight mommy.



Jump in Puddle Day…

Today Momma, Megan, and I went to library and then the park and splashed in puddles because ­today is splash in a puddle day . We found a large puddle and played in it for a while, we had lots of fun today and got very wet!


Today we went sledding and had lots of fun. It was was warmer then the last few days. There were no people there and no large bumps on the hills. I went the farthest on the sleds. (To be argued with Audrey 🙂 )

We had a try to bump into momma contest, Andrea won! Momma moved out of the way just in time.

When we where done we played King (Or queen) Of The Hill, this time Megan won. Then we went to see the river and there was ice on it. We made some snow angles on it. Then we went home and got some hot chocolate.

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Going Sledding!

We had lots of fun on Christmas, we went sledding! Daddy got to go with us too! We had a lot of fun. Momma and Daddy got some new red round sleds for us. I went really fast! It did not take very long to get to the end, Megan went the farthest.