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Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals (and a Gas)

I have been writing riddles and rhymes.
For school and to pass the time.
Can you guess any of these.
Now try your best, please.
(And the last atomic number is 38,
Now are the answers easy to state?)

Chalk it up to me, its what I do,
whether real or fake, I’m also found in you,
I’m found it milk too, but not in the sky,
there's no bones about it, what am I?

Crystals of me are blue and green,
or as a metal used for rockets to space.
Strong and lightweight but able to charm,
or used to move golf balls from place to place.
What am I?

I’m not related to rubies,
except by names,
pure I’m not red,
but I’m red in flames.
What am I?

3Me can make thinks glow,
and I’m also found in snow,
and also near sun and stars,
but not for long lest your near be far.
What am I?

A ribbon of me can be lit with a match,
but as a bulk metal is kinda hard to catch
fire, but then its a mass casualty,
(certainly no a cup o’ tea)
what am I?

Soft enough to cut with a knife,
pure I can take your life.
However as a type of pill,
I can make your mood still.
I’m used in batteries for electric cars,
because of me they can go far.
What am I?

Bananas are high in me,
and the purple you see,
is a thin coating of oxide,
that’s purple or black ’round my sides.
I make a salt, which is also salt free,
but my salt tastes sort of metaly.
A lack of me will make you freeze,
why then I must be ----- !?!

I’m used in lye and salt,
but in lights there is my fault,
because I make people look dead,
sort of like they were filled with lead.
And in water I’m not tame,
well, what’s my name?

When I react with aluminum I glow very bright.
With titanium I fake diamonds that sparkle in light.
An aluminum alloy mixed with me
becomes stronger when flexed.
Because an isotope of me is radioactive,
 I became bad news by the press.
What am I?

Tensegrity Structure

Today I made a Tensegrity Structure. This figure is also known as a anti-gravity suspension structure, however the structure needs gravity to work. The top of the structure is pulled down by gravity, however the middle string is resisting gravity. The other strings are keeping the top of the structure from collapsing. If you flip the stucture over the top will still ‘float’. Soon I would like to make another one (or two or three) but balance it a bit better so I can put things on it.

The English Dictionary Of Common Words Redefined (EDOCWR). The B’s.

Band·age (băn′dĭj), Noun.

The particular period of time which was dominated by band players. Suzu lived in the bandage.

Bat·tle-door (băt′l-dôr), Noun.

A door used for battle, often as a barricade, shield, or weapon. The king’s army had hundreds of battle-doors.

Bob·bin (bŏb′ĭn), Noun.

A box or crate filled with knots of worms on a string, most often used by eel fishers. Franklin had a bobbin.

Bram·ble-net (brăm′bəl-nēt), Noun or Verb.

1: Noun. A net fashioned to catch or gather thorns or brambles. Rufus had a bramble-net.

2: Verb. To throw a net over a cluster of thorns or brambles. Rufus liked to bramble-net.

If you have any suggestions please write them in the comments.

The English Dictionary Of Common Words Redefined.

While going through a dictionary I noticed that many words could be redefined. Here is part one of the dictionary, the A’s

Air-con·di·tion (âr`kэndish`эn), verb.
A particular state of being for air, or to limit or restrict air.
The air-condition was cold today

An·ti·air·craft (an`tē âr`kraft`), noun.
A vehicle that does not fly, float, or move in air without touching the
ground or water. Examples; cars, boats, or submarines, ect.
I rode in a anti-aircraft to the park.

Arm·chair (ärm`chэr), noun.
A chair having or bearing weapons, esp firearms, but not restricting any kind of weapons.
In Chairland there is a group of evil armchairs

Art·less (ärt`lis), adj.
To be without anything in the realm of things that have beauty and form.
The king of the Goblins was artless

If you would like to make some suggestions, please put them in the comments. Thank you.


The other day I made a robot out of some KNEXs, a few household supplies, a two-color LED, and some electronics.

The KNEX motor turns the wheels making the robot move. Adjusting the switch on top of the robot makes the LED turn red or green. Later I may add a third option that makes the light mix the red and green light together to make yellow.


For school I had to write a couple haiku’s

Winds howl outside the cave
Inside the cave's mouth
A dragon sleeps peacefully
The dark cave is bitter cold
The dragon chatters
And then creates a fire
A dog sniffs the autumn air
And then it howls
A dragon soars in the wind