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No Great Wisdom…

~ Uncle Andrew, The Magicians Nephew

Adrian McGuire 3 Nov 2018, coloring book and gel pen.

The Terror of Charn

The Terror of Charn.

Coloring book, gel pen and pencil.

Adrian McGuire Nov 5 2018

First came the hansom. There was no one in the driver’s seat. On the roof — not sitting but standing on the roof — swaying with superb balance as it came at full speed round the corner with one wheel in the air — was Jadis the Queen of Queens and the Terror of Charn.

— The Magician’s Nephew, C. S. Lewis.

What Book Have I Been Reading?

I have been reading a (‘preciousssss’) classic book that lots of people have read. I put the part I just read in LEGO form.

I will give you a point for each question answered about the book.

  1. What book am I reading?
  2. Who is it by?
  3. What part or chapter did I build?
  4. What are the characters names (1 point for each name plus one character has two names and you get 2 more points if you get the other one)?
  5. What happens when you put on the ring?
  6. And what is the riddle about the ring (+ 3 points)?
  7. What is Your favorite part of the book?

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