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Light Show

When the big kids have church in the evening, Megan and I do an activity with Momma if our room is clean. Tonight we played with little LED lights outside. We got a lot of cool pictures.

Maybe we can try it again and focus different so you can see us better.

Then Momma reads a special book out loud to us while we snuggle in bed.  She is reading Ramona and Beezus (by Beverly Cleary) now, so I need to get to bed fast!

Good night!

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More monsters!

Corn Husk Dolls

img_5087-adrianOn Monday, Megan and I went to Science Sleuths. We had a class for corn husk dolls. I made a scarecrow with a top hat. I named him Scarecrow. I made another boy yesterday.

Megan also made one with a bonnet and one with braided arms. The girls helped with the class too. I like making corn husk dolls.