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Flopsy’s Notes: Happy Birthday

Dear Daddy I wrote a poem for you!

Daddy, this is a poem for you
But it's OK to let others read too
Happy birthday to you
You've been married 51 years
Through many happy moments and tears
(And you have me too)!
You've had ten children and me
And many grandchildren that see
That you're awesome and fun
And they love you a ton
And know you're also first rate.
I love you lots (and Mommy does too)
Happy birthday to you
And I hope your day is great!
Thor and I celebrating your Birthday!

Happy birthday Daddy!


Pies and other things
Use this colored squash
Many of these things are delicious
Picking them is also fun and so is
Keeping them to carve
Indians call this one of the three sisters. At
Night some of these are lit with candles
So bright


Squirrels whisk away nuts into trees
Other animals go North if they please.
Some have new houses to mold
They stay, even during the cold.
The leaves fall with bright hues
Red and orange and yellow too.
Flowers are dying because they know,
It is between the Summer and the snow.

Four Little Pumpkins

Four little pumpkins sit on an edge,
One fell off and busted his head,
Momma called the vegetarian and they said,
"Make a meal out of his head".
Three little pumpkins sit on an edge,
One fell off and cracked his head,
Momma called the vegetarian and they said,
"Make a pie out of his head".
Two little pumpkins sit on an edge,
One fell off and smashed his head,
Momma called the vegetarian and they said,
"Make soup out of his head".
One little pumpkin sat on an edge,
Looking nice with no dents on his head,
Momma saw the pumpkin and Momma said,
"Lets make a Jack-O-Lantern from his head".

Creeping Fog

I see the fog on the horizon,
creeping ever nearer.
My hand stops moving in anticipation,
for what comes next.
I try to run but I cannot escape,
the slowly creeping fog.
In my throat I try to scream,
but I cannot.
I see many creatures in the fog,
all gray and flat.
Their eyes plead for help,
a rescue.
The fog slowly covers me,
I feel gray too.
My eyes close and breathing slows,
I know what happened.
Just one thought left in my head:
Writers Block.


For school I had to write a few limericks.

A lady once loved a great knight
And he had a dragon to fight
First the dragon did wheeze
Then he let off with a sneeze
Anyone want a crunchy knight?

There was a dragon and a knight
Add a princess and a big fight
A shield and a fire
Now things are most dire
Figure it out before tonight.

I once had this question most dire
Add a dragon and a sire
So I took a long walk
And I thought, and I thought
Was the knight tested by fire?

Then for a challenge I had to write a limerick that was not funny.

I fear this limerick is sad
Of nothing I have to be glad
I cry and I weep
Untill I fall asleep
Because I have been bad

Camp McGuire

After a rough firstday, Flopsy enjoyed the next day much more!

Dear Mommy,

I love you, and miss you. Life here at camp is so much fun. My counselors are Audrey and Megan!

I have a new friend, his name is Thor. Thor is big and snores a lot but I like him, his counselor is Adrian. We play a game called ‘The Couches are Lava’. If you get on one they take you off, so the flames are extinguished! We play it easy so all the couches are lava but our beds are safe.

We don’t know when mess hour is but usually it’s after Audrey gets home both times . Audrey leaves a lot but it might be a surprise for me… Or it might be to feed the animals across the street, but I don’t know and I won’t ask.

It has been snowing here a lot. My biggest problem is that it is very cold out.The camp is very nice and warm and I like it a lot.

I am learning lots of new things like obeying, reading, and writing. Maybe I can get my hair dyed red like Audrey and maybe it will turn pink, I like pink a lot! I hope you are cool there and make sure you drink a lot of lemonade.

Love you a lot,


Babysitting Flopsy

This month we are babysitting Flopsy (Oma’s dog). She is white and small. We are making up stories about Flopsy with just a little bit of truth in them.  Here is the first note that “Flopsy” wrote to Oma.

Dear Mommy,

I love you! These weeks without you have been soooo long. Audrey leaves a lot and I miss her, I whine hoping she will come back faster but they don’t like it. They also don’t let me on couches, they scold me when I get on one. At night when I go out Audrey puts me on a leash because I decided to take a walk on my own one night.  She did not like having to come look for me at their neighbors.

Their big dog is mean. He eats my food when I don’t touch it for a while, he sometimes drinks my water too! They put me in a cage when they leave but Thor (their dog) gets to roam around, it’s just not fair.

Mommy please! please! please! Get me out of here! Get back soon! Otherwise I might starve to death! But it’s time for bed now mommy.

Goodnight mommy.



Periodic Table of the Cookies

For school I had to make a Periodic Table of the Cookies, it was fun!

We made some sugar cookies and cut them out with an doughnut hole maker, then we baked them. When they were done I frosted them with color codes. The blank cookies are elements that have been discovered but have not found enough to really prove that they found it.

We shared some and ate some. We gave our neighbors who have alpacas named after Star Wars characters Po(Potassium), and some other ones that sound like Star Wars names.

We have eaten all the cookies, and they were good! Maybe we can make some more soon.