Wish List

How this page works:

    •  Mom keeps this page up to date. When I think of something I would like, I ask her to add it to my list.  I do not look at this page.
    • If you buy something off this list, please tell Mom  so I do not receive doubles.  She will NOT tell me and I won’t check this page.
    • Please ask Momma or Daddy if you have ideas other than what is on my list.
    • If you chose to get something not approved or on my list, please include the gift receipt.

Anything you buy will be kept secret. I love surprises as much as you like giving them.

Toys- I love to build, take apart and rebuild to my imagination. I like  motors, wheels, light up parts and glow in the dark.  Here are some ideas.  I need high quality pieces because I will used them a lot!

Hobby: Used is great!

  • Electronics
    • Adafruit NeoPixels, top Favorites, Like strips, rings, and buttons. Really like this.
    • Tri-color LEDs
    • AA 2 battery pack
    • Arduino Uno or Mega, Not sure where best price, a top Favorite.
    • Adafruit Mini 8×8 LED Matrix w/I2C Backpack. Like Blue, Pure Green and White best.
    • Breadboards, also not sure where cheapest.Updating failed. The response is not a valid JSON response.
  • I am not sure if I would really enjoy a Metal Stamping Kit – Like this one (But one with a better rating!) It does sound fun to learn
    • Extra plates (copper or brass) to play with.  I like bracelets or multipack.  Not very interested in rings.
    • Fun stamps
    • Texture stamps


Favorite treats

  • Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Green Tea, Blackberry Pomegranate- My favorite tea!
  • Kettle Chips, BBQ flavor & spicy
  • Sour Warheads (Extreme Sour or Mashup Extreme Sour) 
  • Bugles, Cheese-its (Plain, White Cheddar, or Spicy, generic is okay), Crispex Cereal, Garlic Rye Chips, and Rice/Corn Chex (generic is okay too) (So I can make Chex Mix)


Please no ex library books, though gently used are fine.  

  • Lucky Luke books
    • The Tenderfoot
    • The Escort
    • The Daltons Redeem Themselves
    • Seven Stories
    • The Ballad of the Daltons (And Other Stories)
    • Daisy Town
  • Map to Everywhere books by Carrie Ryan and John Parke Davis
    • Map to Everywhere book 1
    • Dreamtreaders trilogy by Wayne Thomas Batson
      • Search for the Shadow Key book 2
      • War for the Waking World book 3
  • The Berinfell Prophecies books by Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper
    • Venom and Song book 2
    • Tide of Unmaking book 3

Pens and Inks–Please do not get without asking first.  I enjoy pens and ink and do not want to have too many at a time 🙂



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