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Jump in Puddle Day…

Today Momma, Megan, and I went to library and then the park and splashed in puddles because ­today is splash in a puddle day . We found a large puddle and played in it for a while, we had lots of fun today and got very wet!


Today we went sledding and had lots of fun. It was was warmer then the last few days. There were no people there and no large bumps on the hills. I went the farthest on the sleds. (To be argued with Audrey 🙂 )

We had a try to bump into momma contest, Andrea won! Momma moved out of the way just in time.

When we where done we played King (Or queen) Of The Hill, this time Megan won. Then we went to see the river and there was ice on it. We made some snow angles on it. Then we went home and got some hot chocolate.

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Going Sledding!

We had lots of fun on Christmas, we went sledding! Daddy got to go with us too! We had a lot of fun. Momma and Daddy got some new red round sleds for us. I went really fast! It did not take very long to get to the end, Megan went the farthest.

Saturday’s Soccer Game


Saturday was picture day. We got our pictures taken.  Then Momma took a picture of my team before the game. Everyone was here except for one for the pictures and the game. I think once I had a full team at one game, but I am not sure.

It was a good game. It was 1-3.  We lost, but it was fun. I worked my hardest.

Coach Momma talked to some of the parents to see if the boys will come to practice so we play better next week. I hope they all come, so we play better.

Holly and Polly

Adrian and kittensThe Nabrs Have 2 new cat’s. I call dim fase and strape*.

Momma is going to help me write now.

Their real names are Holly and Polly. Their colors are mixed up because Polly has the Christmas holly collar. Holly has just blue.

I like the kitties! But it hurts when they scratch.


* The neighbors have 2 new cats.  I call them Fuzzy and Stripy.

Missing Part 2

MissingThis morning, my teeth was not very loose. Playing outside, I accidentally bumped my teeth with the rope swing. Then Audrey bumped into me a few minutes later. My teeth became very loose. Before I lost my first tooth, the next one was only half way loose. When the first one came out, the second had more wiggle room. When we got home, like in the middle of Odyssey (Adventures in Odyssey radio program) Daddy tried pulling it out. Then he pulled it out!

Mark keeps trying to get me to say tongue twisters because they sound funny. Mark says “thumtimes my ethes thound funny”. Sometimes I accidentally put an “s” in the beginning of a word instead of the right letter too. It sounds funny!


Lost toothWe were at soccer practice and I wiggled my tooth. It really really really wiggled. I bended it to the right and it was easy to bend. So I went to Daddy and Daddy pulled it out. It feels really funny if you put your tongue in the hole, it feels like your gums is chewing gum.

The one right by it is very loose. Maybe it will come out soon.

Mommy is sad because I lost my tooth in May, she can’t sing “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”! I changed it to “All I want for Independence Day is my front tooth.”