Flopsy’s Notes: Here Again

Flopsy is at our house for two months while Oma and Opa are in eSwatini. She requested to write a blog, and so I let her*

Dear Mommy and Daddy. I have been here for almost TWO WEEKS, and not once have I seen Audrey. The first few days I thought she was on a trip with some friends, but she still has not come back! I like Megan though, and to show that I love her, I whine whenever she leaves the house or goes downstairs without me, (which is often).

In fact, the first day I got here, Adrian put up this weird white thing with bars on it. The first thing that I thought when I saw it was Am I in prison?!? then I thought Is anyone else stuck up here because of that?. But then everyone else opened the white bars and then closed them again, they made it look easy. Oh how I wished I could stand on my back legs and have opposable thumbs, then it would be harder for them to lock me up!

I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t open the gate, other people couldn’t either. Saturday night some people came over and none of them could open it. Same with Señora Swart, the kids Spanish tutor, she still can’t.

I do not mind this ginormous cage. Many people come to the house that I do not know and pet me. I do not know what they are saying, but is probably along the lines of; “that dog is the absolute best dog I have ever seen in my life. Her barks are nothing short of beautiful music, and she sits like a regal queen upon her soft throne”. Or something like that.

Oh well. That is all I will write today, but I will write more soon. I love you two a lot and cannot wait for you to come back. Love Flopsy.


*Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are those of Flopsy McGuire and do not necessarily reflect the real event or happenings.

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  1. Poor Flopsy. We live behind bars also. The doors clang when they shut and they have locks and alarms on them. I have to wait for Ops to wake up and let me out of the bedroom cage in the morning. I can’t see well enough to bother figuring it out, plus the jangle of the keys and flanks of locks and doors are very noisy so I just let him sleep and check my phone and read my book till he wakes up.

      • Yes, we do. But I just don’t like waking up and being locked in my room. Bars and alarms! I feel your pain, Flopsy aka The Queen.

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