Flopsy’s Notes: Behavior Issues

Flopsy is at our house for two months while Oma and Opa are in eSwatini. She requested to write another blog, and so I let her*

Dear Mommy and Daddy. I AM MAD!!! I am mad at EVERYONE (except for Megan, she is the (second) best). But I am kind of mad at Audrey, she is NOT here. If she was, she would NOT allow this unacceptable behavior.

First; I am mad at the gate. Megan lets me downstairs whenever she goes down. It is like I am in house arrest. A noble figure such as myself should not be under arrest. The British queen can get away with MURDER of all things and not get prosecuted. I did nothing wrong, and I’m stuck here in this house. It’s just not fair! But that is not the worst thing.

I also cannot go outside without a leash. Revolting! I cannot stand to have my dignity thrown away like that!

But the absolute worst is Couch Restriction. I am not allowed on the furniture at all. Whenever someone sees me on the couch, they pick me up and put me on the floor. The HARD, COLD, WOODEN, floor. That is not how a regal is treated! I tried peaceful protests by hopping up onto the couch, and shamefully, I stuck out my tongue. I know queenly personnel should not do such a disgraceful thing, but my emotions got the better of me. After realizing my mistake, I decided to stop the protests for now until I can control myself. So currently I am sobbing on my bed ON THE FLOOR!

I am sorry for all this anger, I know it is not your fault. I love you Mommy and Daddy. See you in about six weeks. Love Flopsy.



*Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are those of Flopsy McGuire and do not necessarily reflect the real event or happenings.

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  1. Oh my, Flopsy! You don’t look all that unhappy. Our time away is nearly half over. Pet to you, kisses to everyone else.

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