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Clerihew Clerihew

Edmund Clerihew Bentley,

One day quite intently,

Thought up a new type of poem

“The humorous, absurd, biographical, and un-insulting style, with irregular meter and length, along with trying to rhyme strange and unique last names with a lot of poetic license, and being able to use French and other non-English phrases,” said he, “will really throw ‘em”.

Math Problem

Some math is easy,
super, super easy.
It gets done in ten minutes or less.

But today, math is not at its best,
with this question confusing,
and not too amusing.

Like why tic raised to tac over tic raised to toe,
equals different things to the people I know.

Does it make this, tic raised to tac-toe?
Or even this, tic raised to t(ac-oe)?
I think it might be this,
tic raised to ac-oe, but I don't know.

One math book says yes but the other says no,
I wish math was easier today though.

What do you think? What do you tic raised to tac over tic raised to toe (tic^tac/tic^toe) equals? Put it in the comments if you think you know.

To Run Away (From Crocodiles and Alligatas)

Listen now and I shall tell ya
how to run away from crocodiles and alligatas.
If you live where there are flurries
you have no reason to worry.

But if you live where it is hot
and you spy a dreaded croc
who chases you and his lips he licks,
you take a big long stick
find it's nose or eye to hit.

Now to run away in time
away from the alligatas and crocidi.
But do not run in a straight line,
if it is a great huge alliagati.
Yet do run straight with lots of speed
if you meet a crocode.

I warn you now to be safe,
around the crocodiles and alligatas.

Or you could hide
in a tree so tall and high
if you do not want to die,
around the dangerous crocodie.

Do not swim in water deep,
with bare feet,
away from crocodiles and alligatas.
So now you know about these beasts,
with sharp, sharp, teeth.

Now please be aware of how to run away from
crocodiles and alligatas!

Butterfly Horror Movies

Starring The One & Only Bob The Butterfly and also Audrey McGuire In;

Coming Soon to Milkweed Theaters Near You

Starring: Bob the Butterfly & Audrey McGuire. Co-Starring: Bob the Caterpillar, Megan McGuire, Bob the Black Swallowtail, Joyce McGuire, Ophryocystis Eleckroscirrha, Andrea McGuire & Chalcid the Wasp. Produced By; McGuire TV. Director; Adrian McGuire.


For school I had to write a few limericks.

A lady once loved a great knight
And he had a dragon to fight
First the dragon did wheeze
Then he let off with a sneeze
Anyone want a crunchy knight?

There was a dragon and a knight
Add a princess and a big fight
A shield and a fire
Now things are most dire
Figure it out before tonight.

I once had this question most dire
Add a dragon and a sire
So I took a long walk
And I thought, and I thought
Was the knight tested by fire?

Then for a challenge I had to write a limerick that was not funny.

I fear this limerick is sad
Of nothing I have to be glad
I cry and I weep
Untill I fall asleep
Because I have been bad

A Poem and a Riddle

In the north hemisphere it is a constellation.
Then there is the devil also known as Satan.
A serpent that flies above the ground.
A person that’s fierce, where fire abounds
A plant known as the African Arum.
And also a species of palm.
A genus of insects, scientifically known as Libellula.
Now what is the title of this poem, give a explanation.


For school I am taking a writing class called Cover Story. My assignment was to write an acrostic or two. Acrostic poems are poems in which a letter from each line is arranged to make a word or phrase. After reading these, can you tell what book I am reading?

Diving through the ranks the fearful foe flew
Ringing swords clash at its armor
"Avenge the fallen" the army cries
Gold and silver scales shimmer in the torch light
Over the ranks the foe flies breathing fire
Nothing is spared 
Silver and golds he hides
Money he hordes
Outside his mountain he pillages
Great and small  

Vacation to Badlands National Park

In August we went to Badlands National Park. On the first day there we went to the visitor center and got our Junior Ranger books to complete to get a badge. We also asked if there was any bison* around. We were told they were not in the park but were slowly heading back there. We did see some bison later that week though.

The next day we hiked Saddle Pass Trail, Medicine Root Trail, and part of Castle Trail. We saw a bighorn sheep and some bugs. Then we took a break for the afternoon, but that evening we went on the Window Trail and the Door Trail.**

Later that week we went on the Notch Trail. It had a short walk through the prairie then a rope ladder. After that it was a narrow walk on a rock ledge and then ended over a look out. It was really pretty.**

*Bison are NOT buffalo. Buffalo are bovines in the genus Bubalina that live in Africa and southeast Asia. Bison are bovines in the genus Bison that live in Europe and North America.

** Click on a image to see all of it