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Sledding fun

Brotherly love

A while ago we went sledding with Mark. After he went back to school we went sledding again. Both times were a lot of fun!

We also took our small snowboard and played with that a little


Adrian’s Soccer Team 2019

Hi! I just wanted to brag on Adrian. He had a fun year at soccer this year. The boys on his team were a lot friendlier than last year. They also worked much better as a team. Adrian’s coach and team mates pushed him to work harder, run faster and keep going. As a result, Adrian loved soccer and he improved a lot this year.

Middle School Boys 2019 Tournament Winners!

Last week, Adrian had a soccer tournament. His team played very hard and won in their age group! I am so proud of how hard Adrian worked and that he kept encouraging his team no matter how the game was going.

Instead of trophies, the winners earned a pizza party and t-shirts.

Good job Adrian! I am proud of you! (Love, Momma)

First Sledding of the Year

Today we went sledding for the first time of the year. It snowed some yesterday and we wanted to go sledding so we tried at Ox-Bow park. We went on the big hill and went down a few times, then we tried the smaller hill. That was a much better hill! We sledded more and Megan and I were able to go together too.

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I hope it snows more so we can go sledding again soon.


I am playing soccer with GYSO again this year.  I am on the 6th to 8th grade  boy’s team.

I like my coach, he comes up with new ways for us to practice.  Yesterday we jumped over hurdles and ran around cones. He also encourages me to try hard.

We had our first game and the score was 1-3.  We have a make up game today at 6:30. Hopefully our corrected uniforms will be in!  There was a mix up on everyone’s shirts 🙂

Here is my schedule if you want to come.  We usually play on Thursdays on field 7 (on the  behind Goshen College, though there are a few other days.

8 May 6:30 (Postponed from 3 May)

10 May 5:30

17 May 6:30

24 May 5:30

31 May 6:30

7 June Tournament

Making a Rope

On Saturday we went to Five Medals and made a rope. It was easy, once we learned how.

Audrey, Megan, and I made the rope. There were two crank machines. They were a board nailed to another board that we stood on, the cranks are attached to hooks with some string on it. There was also a thing that looks like a mallet with four valleys. First Audrey cranked her crank, it had four hooks on it. I think it was to twist the string, then once that was done Megan took the mallet and walked slowly while I turned the rope. My thing had one hook and was to twist all of them together. When we where done they took small pieces and tied it so it would not fall apart.

We had a lot of fun at Five Medals, I hope to go again next year!


Answer to Guess What!

I am allergic to a bee or a wasp of some sort. I got stung by something and after about ten minutes I started to swell up and had lots of hives, it was not fun.

We did not know I was allergic to anything because I have been stung before and they never bothered me.  It was a surprise! When I started to itch, Momma gave me benedryl and ice.  It helped a little.

We went to the urgent care. They gave me medicine, more ice, and watched me for an hour.  Then I was okay to go home!  Daddy said it was a good pizza night 🙂

I now have an epi pen I am supposed to carry around.

This is what I looked like about 3 hours after I got stung and we were home again.