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Corn Husk Dolls

img_5087-adrianOn Monday, Megan and I went to Science Sleuths. We had a class for corn husk dolls. I made a scarecrow with a top hat. I named him Scarecrow. I made another boy yesterday.

Megan also made one with a bonnet and one with braided arms. The girls helped with the class too. I like making corn husk dolls.


Leaf Creations

The other day we made Leaf Men. To make them you get lots of colorful leaves (get more then you think you will need), and nuts, flowers, seed pods, and more. Then you make a person or a animal or a plant or other things. Then, take a picture!

Dino and Me!

Today we had a class about amphibians. There was a salamander named Dino. He is a Tiger salamander. Dino has yellow spots with a light yellow green belly. He can grow to be 13 inches long.

Tiger salamanders live in North America, but are harder to find in some places, like the Appalachian Mountains! Tiger salamanders live in wet places underground.

Adrian and DinoNever let  a Tiger salamanders get dry, wet your hands before holding one.  Wash your hands after holding one. you do not want a Tiger salamander germs.

A Tiger salamander acts like Mark and eats often.  Unlike Mark, they like worms, mice and insects.

I like salamanders.  I might look for some in our back woods!
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Frog (and Tadpole)

Something is dying…

What is it…

Do you know?

Answer: Cells! Tail cells that is!

Our tadpole (the one with front legs) is almost a full grown frog!

P.S.  Since he still has a tail stub, I think he is considered a froglet now.

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Soon we will have to let him go, because a frog needs to find its fortune 🙂  If we keep him here, he may die.  We might not be able to find him enough flies.

It was fun raising him.  I will enjoy watching the other one for awhile.  I hope to raise more later!

Guess what!

About a week ago……..

We got the most

Cuddly, cute, nice, furry, and pretty pets…

Can you guess what they are?

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We are raising them for Science.  The friend who gave them to us said they are either bullfrogs or green frogs.  When we got them the big one had back legs, but no front legs.   The little one still does not have legs.

His tail will start to shrink and then he will need a rock to sit on. Then he will go out and seek his fortune!

P.S. Do frogs have fortunes?