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Adrian’s Soccer Team 2019

Hi! I just wanted to brag on Adrian. He had a fun year at soccer this year. The boys on his team were a lot friendlier than last year. They also worked much better as a team. Adrian’s coach and team mates pushed him to work harder, run faster and keep going. As a result, Adrian loved soccer and he improved a lot this year.

Middle School Boys 2019 Tournament Winners!

Last week, Adrian had a soccer tournament. His team played very hard and won in their age group! I am so proud of how hard Adrian worked and that he kept encouraging his team no matter how the game was going.

Instead of trophies, the winners earned a pizza party and t-shirts.

Good job Adrian! I am proud of you! (Love, Momma)

I’m Thankful for…Suckers!

I am thankful that Momma let me have a sucker from the big jar. They are special suckers and we hardly get any. I got one because I was the only one home with Momma and she said she would spoil me.

I am thankful for suckers and that Momma spoils me sometimes.