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I started soccer in April!

We do GYSO (Goshen Youth Soccer Organization).

My team name is Scott Signs., My number is 3– Andrea wanted it to be 7. My coaches are coach Raul and coach Tony. My team is an all boy team so I am excited!

All my games are at Goshen college, and here is my schedule.

  • 4 May on Field 5 at 6:30,
  • 11 May on Field 5 at 6:30,
  • 18 May on Field 6 at 5:30,
  • 25 May on Field 6 at 5:30,
  • 1 June on Field 6 at 5:30,
  • 8 June Tournament TBA.

My first game on 27 April we won, 4-3! I am defense. I had lots of fun! Hope to see you at a game soon!

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Last Tooth Fortress

The other day, I lost my last tooth! I made a fortress for the tooth fairy to get through.The black “antennea” things are tooth fairy zappers.  The camera is for taking pictures, the dogs are to bark at the tooth fairy.  The space guy is top of the lid and he has a repellant.  A scary monster guy is hiding inside to scare and try to tickle the tooth fairy.  The guy on the bike is a police man in case the tooth fairy tried to take the tooth without paying for it.

The tooth fairy got through.  I did not get any pictures or hear any noise.  I guess she is so fast, my fortress was not good enough.


Megan wanted to write a post too!  So, here is her story about today.

We had fun sledding on the snowboard and the sleds. I had the sled that had orange and some holding on bars. It did not have sides like normal sleds. It was fast!

I had fun snowboarding. Audrey was teaching me how to snowboard. It was hard! But, I did it 🙂 I am learning how to do the fishtail and I did it once.

We had very much fun playing on the snowhill. I would like it to snow some more because we have hardly had any snow this year.

If it snows more, I would like to sled some more and snowboard some more. I would like to make snowballs and have snowball fights. I want to make a snowman too!

Pretending at the Fair

On Sunday we went to the fair.  We were looking around and they had someone ask “what would you like to be when you grow up.”  I said I wanted to be a zoologist. They helped me dress up and then took the picture of me and let me keep it!  Now Megan can be my guest speaker!

“I want to be a nurse when I grow up.  I don’t know what kind. It was fun pretending and getting my picture taken.  If I could go back, maybe I would dress up like a violin player.  Or maybe something else.”

I am glad that God knows what we will be when we grow up!Fair 23 July 2016.MeganFair 23 July 2016


First day of Camp! Monday, July 11, 2016

Last week we went to Lake Ann Camp! Mark, Andrea, Audrey, and I woke up at about 5:00 in the morning, to get ready to get in the car so Daddy could  drive us to camp. In the car we listened to Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis.

At about ten we got to Lake Ann. It was not crowded yet. When the rest of the campers got there we went to our cabin. After we got settled in our cabin, we put our money in the red canoe, then went and played games. One was soccer with hands, but you can’t grab the ball.

The next game was called “Poop Deck”. There were three decks, the first one you started on was called the Poop Deck, the next deck was the Main Deck, and the last deck was the Quarter Deck. To play, the leader will say a deck’s name and you have to go to that deck, if you go on the wrong deck you go out of the game.

Then we played Atomic Bomb, our team was U.S.A and the other team was Russia, Each team get small balls, and there is a big blue Atomic Bomb in the middle of the Sea. You can not go into the Sea. If you do you drown. You are trying to get the big blue Atomic Bomb on the other teams side, if you do you get a point. To get the big blue Atomic Bomb on the other teams side you hit it with your balls. You win if you get three points.

The last game we played was the boys and the girls split into teams and one team cleans up trash and the other goes into a singe file line, one person runs around a cone then goes back and the next person does it. When the other team finishes picking up trash every one freezes if you got all the trash you are the running team. To win you get the most points, points are every person that ran around the cone.

Then we had lunch which was pizza, then had a swim test. Once we were done with the swim test (I did not take it since I have not learned how to swim yet) we had archery then free time, then we had dinner, then more games, then chapel which we were learning about Abiding in God’s love. Then we had free time then bed time.

I had a fun first day of Camp!

First Soccer Game.

Today I had my first soccer game of the year.  My team is the called the Red Birds. My coach is Daddy, and Mark is the assistant coach. I have a small team of five players. One girl and 4 boys-including me. We won 5:2. Every one one my team made a goal! I have fun at soccer.

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All my games will be at North Side Nazarene, At 9:00 on Saturday mornings, except Memorial weekend. Hope to see you there!

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Answer to Guess What!

Answer to question: A squirrel bit me! Here is my story.

We went to somebodies house. He had a pet squirrel because a friend cut down a tree and found baby squirrels, so not a really tame squirrel , but he raised it. I hand fed it crackers. Mr. Mike said the squirrel, Lucy, had enough so I twisted the bag shut. But Lucy grabbed the bag, took it in her teeth and ran away to her tree and opened the bag. I followed Lucy and knelt down to watch. Mommy said that I probably smelled like crackers because the squirrel looked at me, ran up to me, and bit my hand.

We washed it off with soap and water.  When we got home, we put on antibiotic cream and band-aids.  Momma was concerned, so Daddy called an urgent care.  They told Daddy something like, “don’t bring him here, take him to the emergency room”.  So we went to the ER.  A police man and a secretary talked to us about when it was, and how much it hurt and our name and address.  I did not get any shots or see the doctor.

On the way home, we went to the store and I got a donut!  Mark was jealous 🙂

Now, I have a bruise and the bites have not healed yet.  My thumb hurts if I bend it a lot.  My hand is looking a lot better though.

We learned–after the fact–that squirrels, mice, rats, chipmunks or rabbits almost never have rabies.  Rabies have not been around for a couple of decades the police man (maybe the secretary) said.  So, if you get bit by a squirrel, wash it very well, add antibiotic cream, and watch it for infection.  You probably won’t need to go to the ER, but get someone to look at it if you are concerned!  You don’t want to get sick!  I also learned, to stay further away from cracker stealing squirrels.


Snowdrop by Megan Today’s guest speaker is Megan!

I went to the park and I found some flowers. They are called Snowdrops.  I liked them. I took the pictures on my tummy.   Mommy let me use her good camera.

I want to find more Snowdrops and other kinds I think are more better, like yellow primroses and crocuses and take more pictures.