Megan wanted to write a post too!  So, here is her story about today.

We had fun sledding on the snowboard and the sleds. I had the sled that had orange and some holding on bars. It did not have sides like normal sleds. It was fast!

I had fun snowboarding. Audrey was teaching me how to snowboard. It was hard! But, I did it 🙂 I am learning how to do the fishtail and I did it once.

We had very much fun playing on the snowhill. I would like it to snow some more because we have hardly had any snow this year.

If it snows more, I would like to sled some more and snowboard some more. I would like to make snowballs and have snowball fights. I want to make a snowman too!

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  1. what a lovely Megan Picture! Adrian also makes a good picture. You people make fun in the snow while you can.

    Love Aunty Lorraine

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