Wish List

How this page works:

  •  Mom keeps this page up to date. When I think of something I would like, I ask her to add it to my list.  I do not look at this page.
  • If you buy something off this list, please tell Mom  so I do not receive doubles.  She will NOT tell me and I won’t check this page.
  • Please ask Momma or Daddy if you have ideas other than what is on my list.
  • If you chose to get something not approved or on my list, please include the gift receipt.

Anything you buy will be kept secret. I love surprises as much as you like giving them.

We have a subscription to “Live The Adventure Club”.  It expires in Nov. For $24.75, I can get the next three months that includes a free Henty story CD, a coin about that story and other fun stuff.  This gift would last a long time.  Discuss with Mom how to set this one up.


  • LEGO Creator 31051 Lighthouse Point Building Kit
  • LEGO Creator 31052 Vacation Getaways Building Kit
  • LEGO Creator Seaside house 7346
  • LEGO Corner Deli 31050
  • LEGO Mountain Hut 31025
  • LEGO Propeller Plane 31046
  • LEGO Town Square 60026
  • LEGO Forest Animals 31019
  • LEGO Aviation Adventures 31011
  • Snap Circuits Upgrade.  I have the SC-300 kit and Snap Circuits Sound.  I would like the
    • Snap Circuits Light
    • Snap Circuits Rover Deluxe
    • Upgrade Kit SC-300 to SC-500 (Model: UC50)
    • Or even bigger Upgrade Kit SC-300-SC-750 (Model: UC70)


  • Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Green Tea, Blackberry Pomegranate

Books- Please no ex library books, though gently used are fine.

  • Lucky Luke books by Goscinny and Morris
    • In the shadow of the Derricks
    • Barbed Wire on the Prairie
    • Tortillas for the Daltons
    • Rivals of Painful Gulch
    • The Tenderfoot
    • Dashing White Cowboy
    • Black Hills
    • Apache Canyon
    • The Escort
    • On the Dalton’s Trail
    • The 20th Cavalry
    • Emperor Smith
    • Cure for the Daltons
    • The Judge
    • The Stagecoach
    • Bounty Hunter
    • Lucky Luke Verses Joss Jamon
    • The Dalton Cousins
    • The Grand Duke
    • The Daltons Escape
  • Candy: Just a little please.  I prefer gifts that last longer 🙂
    • Nerds (Assorted Flavor)
    • Milk Chocolate is much better than dark chocolate!
      • Endangered Species Chocolate Bug Bits
      • Equal Exchange (Brand) Chocolate

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