I’m Thankful for…School Vacation!

I went on a summer vacation, actually a fall vacation 🙂

We went to Yoder’s Popcorn. The popcorn was yummy! There was all kinds of seasonings.  I tried all the kinds except the one. My favorite was cheddar, pizza, and bacon and cheese.  Mark liked the salt and vinegar.

Then we went to E&S Sales and we tried different things.  We bought things for Christmas.

We went to a park. We sat underneath a big huge mushroom with lots of little mushrooms around it.  They were not real.  It looks like it was real, but it wasn’t.  A friend said that it was at first red around the trunk, then it was red with polka dots. When we came, it was just plain. I would like to see it yellow with orange polka dots.

I thank God for school vacations!