Making Noodles

Yesterday, we made noodles for our chicken noodle soup. Megan helped too. This was the first time I made it from beginning to end.

First Momma makes the dough. She used flour, water, eggs and oil. If there  is like about a big chuck of dough like a basketball, it will probably fill a big bowl, because it makes a LOT. Then we have to let it sit. Then get out our rolling thing.  (Momma said that Grandma used to use the noodle maker to make noodles with her when she was little.) Then take some of the dough, if you have a lot, it will be very long and you will probably have to cut into a few pieces. If you take a piece a little bigger than a golf ball you will only have to cut it in half.

Then put into the bigger opening to roll it.  You roll it thinner and thinner until it is as thin as it can get. Then you move the handle up to one of the cutting things. If you want big noodles, use the big one. We wanted small so used the last one.  Then you put it into boiling water. Mix it until the noodles float up to the top. As soon as they float to the top, you take them out and put them in a BIG bowl. Add some salt and garlic with butter to help then taste better and not stick so much. Then we added a little broth.  Don’t use too much broth or the noodles will soak it up and fall apart.

If you want to make rainbow kind, make three batches of dough. Leave one plain, in one put in some cooked mashed carrots and the other one put in cooked spinach 🙂  Put it all together in one big bowl and mix it.

Then, you EAT IT!

Next time, I want to make really thick noodles.


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  1. Yum-mmm Those look really good. I really like your blog, you are doing a great job with it.


  2. looks good, but it sounded like you didn’t use the soup just ate the noodles like I like to do when they are home made

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