Adrian with Snuffy

Snuffy and me in 2009!

Adrian and Snuffy 2013

Snuffy and Me 2013

I met Snuffy in 2009, he is a Corn Snake. He does not eat corn. He eats the mice and rats that eat the corn. Snuffy is a nice snake. I like Snuffy.

I saw him yesterday in a class. (It is Momma’s turn to write 🙂 ) We were learning about reptiles and amphibians. Snuffy is a reptile because he never lives in the water.  Amphibians live in the water part of their lives, like frogs and toads and salamanders.  They start with gills and grow lungs. Reptiles always have lungs.

I read in a book about a salamander who never loses his gills. He is an Axolotis salamander. I would like to see one. Momma said that when it warms up more, we will go looking to see if we can find some salamanders.


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