Just a Little

Just a littleI was cutting some apples to make apple rings. I accidentally cut my finger a little. I asked Audrey to finish and she helped me. I started to eat the apples.

Momma was helping me with school work.  She asked if I cut my finger and I said “a little bit”. She told me to look at my finger. It was bleeding badly.  She told me to wash my hands and get a bandaid.  My first bandaid was Scooby Doo one.  It bled through fast!

Momma told me to wash it good again.  It was bleeding so bad, Momma had to get a thick bandaid!

My finger is okay.  I think it is still bleeding a little when I bend my finger, but not much.

Momma laughed.  If Audrey cut herself, even a little bit, she would have wanted a bandaid. I knew I cut myself, but ignored it.

This is the first time that I remember cutting myself 🙂