Smiling Tiger Salamander

me and a tiger salemiderI like Tiger Salamanders.  I got to hold one yesterday.

Tiger Salamanders can grow to about 14 inches. We think this one was about 8 inches long.  They eat worms, baby mice and insects and are always hungry! They live under logs and in swampy places. You can find them easiest in the spring, and they come out at night.

Momma said that we can go salamander hunting one night!

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  1. Whoa!! So cool!!!!! I’d love to hold one too:) do they live by your house? We are ready for Spring breezes!! And outside exploration to explode! Also, on St. Patricks Day, we had green milk, green mashed potatoes, green gravy, and peas. Uncle Dave painted my toenails green. I couldn’t get the kids to let me paint their hair green for church-but we had lots of laughs:) It was a GREAT GREEN DAY! ILove you-Auntie Kristi

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