Missing Part 2

MissingThis morning, my teeth was not very loose. Playing outside, I accidentally bumped my teeth with the rope swing. Then Audrey bumped into me a few minutes later. My teeth became very loose. Before I lost my first tooth, the next one was only half way loose. When the first one came out, the second had more wiggle room. When we got home, like in the middle of Odyssey (Adventures in Odyssey radio program) Daddy tried pulling it out. Then he pulled it out!

Mark keeps trying to get me to say tongue twisters because they sound funny. Mark says “thumtimes my ethes thound funny”. Sometimes I accidentally put an “s” in the beginning of a word instead of the right letter too. It sounds funny!

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  1. How are you going to eat corn-on-the-cob this summer? You look so grown up in your pictures!!

  2. Is Megan the new tooth fairy? Wonder how much they pay her to do their job? Hummm, or maybe she thought she had a chance to cash in and pretend they were her teeth!

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