Frying Eggs

I asked Momma one day how to make fried eggs. She said I could make them for breakfast! Here is how to make them!

Frying egg

Crack an egg into a hot frying pan with butter or coconut oil. I like the one with butter better.

Frying enough

I made five eggs. It is hard to crack an egg and put it into a frying pan without egg shells.

Frying cover

Momma said there was two ways to fry an egg. The easier way is put on a lid with some water on it. The harder one, you flip the egg. I did the easier way.

Frying plate

Put the cooked egg on a plate. You have to put it carefully on or else it will break. Put on pepper and Daddy likes curry powder.

Frying eat

Make it look pretty. Take it to the table. Eat and enjoy while hot!