Sledding3It was COLD and windy today. It has been getting windier all day.

Before it got so windy, we went outside. We sledded outside a lot.  It was very fun.

We tried to make boiling water into snow. You boil water.  Then you put it in a long handled pot and you throw it outside when it is very cold out (Momma said it was -22 degrees F with the wind chill this morning).  You make sure you throw it so it does not come back at you and you burn yourself.  Momma or Mark has to do it.  It worked! It looked neat!Sledding

I probably won’t play outside anymore today, there is A LOT of wind! The nice thing is the wind is blowing all the snow off the roof so it won’t melt into our house.  It looks pretty too.

I get to play with magnetics instead!