Answered Prayer

Bunk BedMegan is my guest speaker today. She wants to say how we got a new bunk bed that we have been praying for a long time!

I have a bunk bed. Opa gave me a bunk bed because I have been praying for bunk bed for five seven. I wanted a bunk bed because I three and a big girl!

Last night, I sleep in it. I sleep under Adrian’s bed. Adrian sleeps up top!  It was warm! It was big! Adrian have a bunk bed and he was warm.

I woke up last night because I needed to go potty and I was in my bed last night. But I can’t go potty in my bed. I  screamed and Momma came to help me.  (Momma thinks I was stuck in my covers, but I was sleeping) Then Momma tucked me in and it was bed time. I sleep like this Uhum, ahum (snoring).

I like my new bed. I glad God help Opa get me a new bed.

I like my new bunk bed too. It is very comfortable. It made my room a lot bigger too! When it is clean, I will dance with Megan in my room.