Tiny and Medium

We found two tree toads. I named them Tiny (a boy) Medium (Tiny’s momma!). I have not found Giant this year yet  ( Tiny’s daddy !). I do not know for sure, but I like to pretend.
FrogThree-Toed Tree ToadJumping Frog
Author Unknown
A tree toad loved a she toad
That lived up in a tree.
She was a three-toad tree toad,
But a two-toed toad was he.
The two-toed toad tried to win
The she-toad’s friendly nod
For the two-toed toad loved the ground
On which the three-toed toad trod.
But no matter how the two-toed tree toad tried,
He could not please her whim.
In her tree-toad bower,
With her three-toed power,
The she toad vetoed him.

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  1. Adrian I love your enthusiasm for words. You always share such fun rhymes. ❤️

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