Biology Question Answer

I asked you what is a Large Blue (Maculinea arion) caterpillars favorite tea?

The answer is instANT tea!  Daddy said that it was ANTie.

The Large Blue caterpillar starts his (or her) life cycle by hatching from its egg. Then the caterpillar eats the plant he (or she) hatched on for 2-3 weeks. Then the caterpillar falls off of the plant and waits for a red ant to come.  He gives off a special liquid which is sweet and the ant likes it. So the ant carries the caterpillar to it’s nest.

While the ants eat the sweet liquid, the caterpillar eats the baby ants. After awhile the caterpillar makes it’s chrysalis in the ant hole. Then later it emerges and crawls through all the little tunnels and goes outside and flies away.