Playing at Lake Ann Camp


Octaball Tournament

This last week I went to Lake Ann Camp.  I was a Junior.  My counselor’s name was Alex.  He was a good counselor.

This picture is from the Octaball Tournament. Ocataball is a game were two or more people get into a court with 8 sides like an octagon. You are trying to get the other person out by hitting them with the ball between their feet and their knees.  No double touching the ball unless you hit it against the wall and then hit it again. To win, you want to be the last one in.  Winner of the previous game serves. Two of the guys in my cabin were really good!

We also did NO hands challenge.  You could not use a fork to eat pasta and sauce, colorful veggies for dinner, peaches and brownies.  I had a goatee and mustache, quite a big one! when done.

YetiIf I captured 4 flags I could destroy the Yeti and his Minoans. I earned flags by reciting memory verses.  I learned 1 John 4:7-11.  I had to say it the way they wanted me to, like “in your best princess voice” as loud as I could, “like a pirate” or in a whisper.  I know the verses really well 🙂

Sharks and minnows is a game were some people are sharks. The sharks are trying to tag the minnows. If you get tagged by a shark you sit down and become a seaweed. Seaweed can not move except to move their arms or legs, but if they touch someone, that person becomes seaweed too!

I liked camp!  Next year I want to go again.  I hope to find some friends to come with me too!

Photos used by permission of Lake Ann Camp

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