Dino and Me!

Today we had a class about amphibians. There was a salamander named Dino. He is a Tiger salamander. Dino has yellow spots with a light yellow green belly. He can grow to be 13 inches long.

Tiger salamanders live in North America, but are harder to find in some places, like the Appalachian Mountains! Tiger salamanders live in wet places underground.

Adrian and DinoNever let  a Tiger salamanders get dry, wet your hands before holding one.  Wash your hands after holding one. you do not want a Tiger salamander germs.

A Tiger salamander acts like Mark and eats often.  Unlike Mark, they like worms, mice and insects.

I like salamanders.  I might look for some in our back woods!

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  1. I wonder why they called it tiger, for it does not have stripes. It has spots!

    • Sometimes bigger ones eat smaller ones. That is why they are called tiger salamanders.
      They do have stripes on their belly.

  2. Even though they don’t have teeth I still wouldn’t want one to bite me!

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