Flopsys story’s; Part five,

Dear Mommy, te amo. I am having LOTS and LOTS of fun here (Maybe to much fun)! And trying my best not to get into to much trouble.

I have been playing lots of games with Thor like Clue (It was Ms. Poodle in the room that has the bed and with the food dish!), Banana Grams (I made some hard words like KONG, Thor, Squirrels, Feeding, and Time!! Thor is pretty good at that one to but I won!!), Uno (We played with Adrian and Megan and I won even though I learned how to play yesterday!! Thor still had seven cards left!!!)Blokus (I won with Blue and Red!!! And Thor had -27 points!!),Guess who (Thor had the English Mastiff!!!!)  and Who can Pick up the biggest toy (Thor won that one, He picked up his HUGE KONG 🙁). 

I have been obeying much better now. I don’t get on the couches so much. I don’t have detention so often either. I am learning how to play a game where Audrey put a treat in one of her hands and I have to find it. When I find it, it is very yummy. I also have been studying Spanish. Uno means one!

There is not much snow. It is also very cold but not wet. It is not very sunny either. Maybe it will melt and warm up soon, it is freezing outside. 

I have perfected how to steal food from Thor, but I still have not tried his water yet. It is still very deep! Thor does not eat my food so often now.

Thor is about siete años.  I can’t remember how old I am. I just learned I am lighter then the neighbors’ barn gato. He must eat a lot of mice and birds and other things that sound awful (Like cat food). 

I am glad you are coming home soon because I can nos vemos pronto!



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  1. Ha ha! It sounds like you are having lots of fun! I am glad that you are obeying better and are learning new games!

    I went swimming yesterday. It was my first time. Opa went swimming on another day, but I don’t like the big waves and rocks. A friend and I went to a quieter beach yesterday. It was fun. Maybe Opa and I will get to go again to night.

    Tomorrow, I with some other ladies, will go to the transmitter site to clean. I don’t know when it was last cleaned, but it should not take more than a couple of hours. I think we are just doing the bathrooms and kitchen.

    Yesterday I made brownies to send out to the site for the men to enjoy. They have been working hard and would enjoy a treat, I think.

    Be good! I will be glad for cooler weather!☺

    I love the letters you write.

    Mommy ☺

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