In Jail

The continuing saga of Flopsy…

Dear Mommy, I love you a lot. I miss you a lot too! I had to go to jail for detention (Audrey made me sit and stay for a whole 10 seconds!) because I was so excited Grandma and Grandpa come over! 

Then we were allowed visitors at the jail. I thought they were going to release me . But Grandma and Grandpa did not take me home with them! Jonathan snuck in some treats!!! They were LOTS better than my normal food! And, he did not give any to Thor 🙂

I whined a lot when they left, I was so sad I could not go see Leah Dea. The jailers did not like me to whine (so I got another 10 second detention!  They are so mean!)

There are lots of couches but I can not go on any of them. I like my bed though and they don’t mind me jumping on it.  My favorite place for my bed is by Audrey or in the sunny windows. 

Food time is after Audrey gets home from work. She leaves twice a day!

I like it when Audrey takes me for a walk. Once she took Thor 🙁  Uggh it started out awful! But I raced him instead.  He is a slow poke and I won! It was funner then! 

Have fun eating iguana! (Have you tried it in stew?) I love you! 



P.S.  Adrian says I exaggerate a lot.  I don’t know what that means, but I bet something really good!


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  1. Ha ha. It sounds like you are leading an exciting life. I can tell you are writing the letters because they sound very much like the ones you write at Lea Dee’s house. They make me smile!

    I wonder what you would do if you saw these big iguanas in person? One fell off the laundry room almost at my feet!

  2. I haven’t eaten any iguana yet. I might taste it sometime.
    It is very hot here!
    I love you. Kiss all your jailers for me and tell them we love them!!

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