Flopsy’s Notes: Chalk

Dear Mommy, I love you and miss you ∀ lot and hope you get home soon. It has been fun here but I want to see you.

I have been trying black raspberries, they are good if you pick them black! The red ones are disgusting.

Outside is nice but a little wet, but they will not let me out without a leash. ∀lso ∀udrey (The shift key and the a key together keeps doing weird things) keeps leaving without me. ∀nd also they scolded me when I ate Thor’s food before he ate it and I snapped at him. Even though he eats my food after I eat it.

We played with chalk. It was super fun! I drew a butterfly, and Thor drew a note for Auntie Joyce that said I love you on it. Mine was better 🙂 .

I love you




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  1. Teehee! Flopsy, I love your rainbow hair! I’m sure Bessie, your groomer, would love it too!

    You better be careful picking on Thor and eating his food. Thor is much bigger than you and it could be dangerous!

    I’m glad you are learning to draw. We have chalk and you can play with it if Adrian is there to help you!

    We will be home sometime in the weekend. I am not sure which day, but we will see you at least by Monday. Could be Sunday.

    It is supposed to be very hot this weekend so don’t play outside too hard and drink lots of water. You are getting older and the heat is harder on you as you get older.

    Now be a good pup this week and give everyone a nice kiss.


    • Dear mommy,
      They washed all the color off me, I was miserable.
      I will try to behave myself and only eat Thor’s food when he is done.
      I will try to stay cool and in the shade.
      Love you

      • Awww poor puppy. When they give you a bath, shake the water all over them. Then while you are still wet and unhappy, give them slobbery kisses…or ask Thor to kiss them for you. He is bigger and slobberier. Glad you are trying to be on your best behaviour. Tell them all thank you and I love them all!

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