Flopsys Notes: Nap Day

Dear Mommy, I love you, and I miss you a lot! I was at Grandpas and Grandma’s house. But then they dropped me off at Auntie Joyce’s, now I have to stay at her house 🙁 . At least Jonathan is here. It makes it more like Grandpa’s. 

Today I had to take a nap. It was not fair, even though I was tired. Every one else fell asleep and no one would play with me so I decided to take a nap on the couch.  Auntie Joyce was too tired to notice me on it. When Adrian woke up he saw me, I had to get off the couch. 

I have been having some fun, and I got to eat all my food!

I love you

Love Flopsy



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  1. One spoiled little puppy! I’m glad you took a nap and sleeping on the couch! It made a cute picture even if you weren’t supposed to be there. Give everyone kisses for me!

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