Flopsy’s Notes: Breaking Heart

Dear Mommy, how are you? I’m fine but a little sad, something terrible has happened between me and Thor! First of all happy fifty-first anniversary to you today!

But I hope you come to rescue me from here. I had some fun here but most of it was by myself. I won’t miss anyone here, not even Thor. It makes me cry to think of him. I hope I can get through the whole story.

The terrible incident happened this morning. I’m was in shock over it, and I still am. It started like this: It was dreary out and I was bored, I think Thor was too. Then all of a sudden Thor started telling me what he ‘really thought’ about me. He told me I was loud and tiny and, and, and…. It makes me want to cry about the rest he said. He said I was not really the dog for him, but he told me we still could be friends. I could not believe it, I did not cry, not at first. Then I snapped a sharp “IT CAN’T BE” at him, then Megan came and I tried to tell her to get away (a little to loud) and I got yelled at. Then Audrey came and took me downstairs to my cage. I was glad I was there at first, I cried the tears that would not come around Thor. It took about fifteen minutes to calm down from that. Then I got really mad! I started running around my cage barking furiously, then Andrea came and took me out and told me to be quiet. I was ready to do that, and I felt better but I’m still having mixed emotions at Thor.

Before you get too sad about not getting a dog-in-law, I also had a lot of fun. Here is some of the fun stuff I did.

  • I played in the leaf pile with Thor (before he dumped me).
  • I took a short, brisk walk every day
  • I played with Squeaky Ball a lot
  • I had fun running around outside
  • I liked my gourmet food I got every weekend
  • I enjoyed playing outside by myself (on a leash)

Oh, I just saw a REALLY cute dog out the window. So dark and handsome. Pardon me while I go sing and dance out the window and hope he notices me. Agh he’s moving so fast. Dear Mommy, I hope you come home soon. I love you and miss you. Tell Daddy happy fifty-first!

Love Flopsy.

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  1. Lol!!! Oh, Flopsy! You make me laugh! We’ll probably pick you up Saturday. Could be Friday, but I don’t want to get your hopes uo. Sounds like you have had some fun, in spite of the difficulties! Smile! Love the pictures!

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