Flopsy’s Notes: Thor

Dear Mommy I miss you a LOT, but it’s sorta fun here. I go on walks everyday with Thor (The big, strong, cute dog that lives here). We don’t go very far, just about two houses down and back, then Audrey (My best friend here) leaves for a bit and I’m sad even though she always comes back.

Every person (counting Audrey) don’t like it when I sing and am happy, even though my song is famous. My song goes like this: Yap yap yaaap, yip yap yip-yip yap, aarooo! and so on. I feel like every dog my size knows it. Everyone here just don’t know I was born to sing and dance. Thor barks in unison when I sing but he’s not a great dancer. He has two left feet! I think he really likes me!

Talking about Thor I think he’s a wonderful dog. He’s brown and big and has a deep masculine bark, it’s great! Did I tell you he’s cute? He is! Like any dog he has some problems (not counting his dancing): He always pretends to ignore me (other then when I sing), he eats a lot, he gets more responsibilities then me (even though I’m older), and he slobbers big time. Other then that I think he’s a nice dog.

I composed some poems about him. Here are some of them:

The cute dog snores very loud,
but he ignores me.
So I think he likes me lots.

Though big
He's dreamy
Overly cute, and
Really nice.
Us ignoring each other

Dear Mommy this is all I will write right now. I have more but I think Audrey just left, I need to go whine out the window now to keep up my streak, Thor is counting (when he’s not sleeping or ignoring me) and I’m doing very well (and loud Thor tells me). Talk to you later, I love and miss you a lot — Flopsy

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