The Tale of the Tune

A tune of darkness, a tune of fear,
A tune of evil far and near.

In the mountain steep and tall,
Listen for it and hear it's call
Hear the dragon’s mournful song,
That happened ago, many ages long.

Hear the tune of darkness, the tune of fear,
The tune of evil far and near.

The dragon came and shook the ground,
Destroying everything he found,
Crushing towns and waterways,
And the homes of all the Fay.

That woeful song, that tune of fears,
The tune of evil, that tune of teSelkiears.

The Pixies were shocked, the Fairies wept,
Then went the where their spells were kept,
They sent the dragon to live in,
That tall and terrible mountain.

That woeful song, made from fears,
From Pixie curses, and dragon tears.