The True Story of Snow White: Part Four

Three years passed. The king and queen lost all hope of ever finding their daughter, and Snow White became an excellent chef and homemaker, so good that the dwarves came up with an idea; Snow White and they would start a business! Snow White and Hugo would run a bakery, Laffy and Weepy make home decor, Snappy and Speedy hunt, fish, and collect fruits and vegetables, and Groggy and Gutsy would make drinks and cut wood for the bakery fires. They decided to call the establishment The Maiden and the Dwarves; Bakery, Brewery, and Decor.

Soon The Maiden and the Dwarves became the most visited bakery and decor shop in the entire kingdom. Soon everyone wanted to try a blueberry pie or buy handmade jewelry box. Even the nobles wanted to go. Business was a success!

For their fourth anniversary the king decided to take his wife to The Maiden and the Dwarves. The king and queen were enthusiastic, preparing for days their best clothing for the dinner. And soon the day came and the king and queen rode off in a carriage with the huntsman being the coachman. When Snow White saw the royal carriage ride over the hill she promptly began to choke on the apple fritter she was tasting for quality. Hugo began to try to save her but unfortunately neither he or anyone else knew CPR (except Horace who was riding in the royal carriage), so Snow White died that day.

The king and queen were devastated to find out that their daughter died just moments before a possible reunion. But they kept their heads, after hearing the dwarves’ side of the story, the king and queen found that Snow White had deceived the seven of them and forgave the dwarves for not bringing Snow White back to them. They gave Snow White a proper burial, and then decreed that Snow White’s story be told in every school to teach the importance of listening to parents and knowing first aid. Many children learned valuable lessons from this story until one day two school boys, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, who were sick of hearing the story changed it and told their schoolmates who told it to others. Soon the original version became lost to history kept only by a family of snails who traveled to America in 1895. You may have guessed that they were Horace’s descendants, and you would be right, they told me so.

Now how I learned to talk to snails? Well that’s another story, and maybe I’ll tell it to you one day.

That’s the true story of Snow White.

The End