Flopsy’s Notes:

The continuing diary of Flopsy who is vacationing at our house while Oma and Opa are in eSwatini. *

Hello Momma and Daddy, I miss you a lot.

Today I was able to try a new kind of drink other than water. It was called Mate and it is a tea made from the leaves of a Yerba plant. It is a very popular drink in South America. To make the tea you fill the Mate cup up until it it about halfway full of Mate Yerba. Next you add the Mate straw into one side of the tea and fill the cup up the rest of the way with warm water. You can drink the first two or three cups of Mate, but it is extremally bitter. If you want, dump the bitter Mate down the sink. After that the Mate should be good to drink. Just drink all the water out of the cup with the straw and refill it until it gets too weak for you. If you want you can add sugar or another sweetener.

That is how you make Mate.

I love you and miss you a lot! -Flopsy



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