Mommy Camp


This week, the big kids are at camp from 8-5:00. The class starts at Oxbow Park and then they go different places.  So Megan and I get two weeks of Mommy Camp this year!

We do some painting. We have naps or we can read. Today we went to the park. We looked for good pictures. I counted 100 butterflies! Most of them where at the park. We played on the tire swing. We played on the tire swing. We played on the tire swing (it was my favorite place to play today).

I made up a song. It was about going to Jupito with a beautiful girl with blue eyes on a tire swing. “We are going to Juipito, with a beautiful girl, with blue eyes, and a blue dress and red and white. We are going to go on a tire swing to go to Jupito! If someone will push us, we will twirl off the tire swing and twirl to Jupito off the tire swing.  To Jupito….”

We have two more days of Mommy Camp this week.  Mommy Camp is a lot of fun!