Tommie Turtle

Tommie Turtle

At Mommy camp, we took at walk I have never been on before. Then we went to a playground. There was something surprising! While I was playing on the twirly thing. I saw something that looked like trash and Momma taking pictures of the trash. When I went to ask Momma why she was taking pictures of trash, I found she was taking pictures of a Painted Turtle.   I called her Tommie Turtle because I like that name. It looked like she was laying some eggs (or at least getting her nest ready).

Momma let me use her good camera to take this picture. It is heavy! It is easy to drop. (I didn’t though) It is very good for taking pictures, especially painted turtles. Momma made me do everything on the camera, I had to zoom in (Momma had it on automatic focus to make it easier for me), hold the camera steady and then take the picture. I took like ten pictures to get this one good one. 🙂

When we got home, Momma taught me how to start editing pictures. I got to adjust this picture to how I like it.

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