Nature Explorer Camp

Adrian climbing thingI am going to camp this week. This is my first away from home camp!

Yesterday, I learned about forests. We looked for real live dead pretend animals. Their skins are real, but the rest isn’t, they were stuffed. There was a fox with pretend snow on it 🙂  There was the Lorax too (a stuffed toy like in Dr. Suess’s book)

For lunch I ate and ate and ate. I traded a green apple, for a red/green apple. I swapped gold fish crackers for pistachios. Then I traded half a cookie for half of an orange/black oat bar. I traded with two different people. Both of them are my friends.

Today I am meeting Live Herps (they are like turtles and salamanders and snakes!) We are also going to do Swamp tromp. We will go into a swamp and get muddy in it. Then I eat lunch and then we get to make our camp t-shirts!

We are praying that we don’t have thunderstorms until the afternoons this week. I don’t want to miss any of camp!




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  1. Adrian, It sounds like you are having a lot of fun!! I will pray for no storms, too! I love you!

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