Welcome to Mommy Camp

Mommy CampThe big kids left for Lake Ann Camp.  I get to go to Mommy Camp!

First we waved bye bye to the big kids at 5:25. It was dark, no lightening bugs out. It lightened up quickly though.

Then we ate and then we made space balls! It is a kit a friend gave us that was fun. You first clip little plastic molds together. Then you pour ball making powder into the mold. Fill up a glass with cold water and then put the mold, round side on the bottom, in it. Wait for one minute, take it out and put it on a plate to dry for three minutes. Take the ball out of the mold and let it dry out for at least five minutes. Then happy playing!

Then we took a walk. We found a lightening bug but no caterpillars. I caught the lightening bug. I named him Fire.

After we ate, we took a nap because Momma did not want us to be crabby since we woke up at 5:00! It felt like I was just falling asleep (but actually I was just waking up) when Momma said Grandpa was here. I said to Momma, “I was just about to fall asleep.” Momma laughed. She said “I came down earlier and you were sound asleep!”

GrandpaGrandpa bought cupcakes that looked like a flower with a Monarch Butterfly. We had snack before he left.

Then we painted with watercolors. Momma taught me a trick. The trick was take a white or colored wax crayon, color the picture you want with the wax crayon. Then color over it with any color paint. If you don’t know what happens, you have to try it yourself, it was neat!




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  1. It looks like you and Megan are having lots of fun at ‘Mommy Camp’. Mommy Camp is the best camp.

    I love you and miss you. Give everyone a hug and kiss for me.

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