Swamp Tromp

Swamp TrompWalkingClimbing outThe Swamp Tromp was fun!

We got to go into a swamp. Megan went too. You could walk in the swamp. You could sink into it some a little bit.  If I jumped, it would be bouncy by the cattails.

Miss Krista said because of all the rain it was really sticky and extra wet. There were six shoes that got lost. (Megan keeps saying “Momma lost Anya’s shoe! Miss Krista found Anya’s shoe!” She had swapped shoes with Andrea because Megan kept bugging to go in the swamp, and Momma had on her good sandals.)

I never lost my boots. But muck, muck and more muck got into my boots. I fell down two times. Then when we washed up, I slipped at least three times.

I really want to do it again!