SpilledWhen Mark came home from Swaziland, he brought us home some Nestle Smarties. Today we tried some! I don’t remember ever trying them before.

The tasted sort of like M&M’s, but not really like them. I like both of them, but Daddy prefers the Smarties!

Mark brought some other candy for us to try. But Momma is stretching them out so we don’t eat them all fast! HandfulMomma said that the candy he brought home tastes better than most candy we can get here.  I am looking forward to being able to try some.

I am also looking forward to when I can go somewhere where there is a lot of different animals.  And different chocolates that I can bring home to share 🙂

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  1. Adrian, You are adventurous. I am glad you are able to like new things.

    Hope you have a chance to come here, Benin.

    I like M & Ms and smarties too. They are different, but I like them both!


  2. No artificial colors or ingredients.
    Great sweets. Smarties are way better than M&M’s.

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