The Dinosaur Museum

It was a sunny day. I was on my way to the dinosaur museum. The tickets were free because it just opened.

As I was walking down CR 9 with my hands in my pockets, dark clouds piled in. I noticed a drop of rain and looked up, it was a downpour! I tried to run. Suddenly, I slipped in some mud and fell face down. I heard a rumble in the distance and got up and started to run as fast as I could go toward the museum.

I turned right on to Old US 11. The rain poured so hard it slowed me down. I was soaking when I got to the museum.

I gave the ticket man my ticket. I questioned him, “how strong are the holders?”

The ticket man said, “Don’t be afraid Sonny. Our Dino holders are so strong that they will hold the Dino bones.”

I went to the first section. It was crowded. My favorite dinosaur was the stegosaurus.

I moved on. I was looking at the T-Rex, when suddenly I noticed the behemoths skeleton fall! The steel holders held the skeleton but not to the floor! All the skeletons fell like dominoes!

I jumped back just in time as a T-Rex crashed into the wall. On the other side of the wall was the flying reptile display. The crash was so hard that all the displays swung off the strings so they looked like they were flying. The bones fell and hit souvenirs.

Very soon the air was crowded with flying bones and displays and screams and I saw people running. A bone smashed into some brick and the bone broke in a million pieces.

Then the bricks flew into another wall. The flying and falling settled down. Soon the screams and people running stopped.

I was stuck in the corner, surrounded by the flying reptile display. I could not get out!

The museum guards started cleaning up the mess. The guards saw me. They started to dig me out.

When I get home, I tell my Mom. She said, “Your teasing me!”

It was a interesting day.

P.S. I never found out what made all the skeletons fall.

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