Flopsy notes: School work

Dear Mommy,

I love you and miss you LOTS, but I am not sure if I want to go back and see you or stay here. I am learning a lot.

I am learning to add, subtract, multiply, divide and fractions. I am learning capitals too. Did you know the word fractions has the same first letter as my name? They look different though, fractions has a little f and my name has a big f like this; F.

Then Audrey gave me a lesson on butterfly’s. She said she wants to be a Lepidopterist which is a fancy name for someone who studies butterflies.

Later they had me put paw prints on a piece of paper to send to Andrea, like Morris did with his hoof in Morris Goes to School (I read it today). He learned some of the same things I am learning! The book was fun.

I Love You A Lot Mommy,

Love Flopsy

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  1. Aw, Flopsy? You are learning so much. I love the picture of you with your living hair decoration! I assume that Audrey helped you with that?

    We have been busy. Saturday we went to the Wright Brother’s museum. It was very interesting maybe Adrian will have time to tell you what it is about. We also went to Roanoke Island. It is also an important place in History. These are part of what is called the OuterBanks. We went over VERY long bridges to get from one island to the next. It was quite interesting and fun. I waded in the ocean. It was nice and warm.

    I will be glad to be home!!

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