Flopsy Notes : Thunderstorm!

 Dear mommy I miss you a lot and love you.

Today was fun, Jonathan was happy and I was happy too but then he wanted to see the goats more then me 🙁 ! But when he came back he played with me a little.

Later Adrian gave a science lesson about animals, there are more then one million different kinds of animals! Then Megan read a Dick and Jane.

There also was a thunderstorm it was VERY scary, I was in Audrey’s arms and crying. Then the UPS came, Auntie Joyce would not let me bark and gave me detention (I had to sit quietly until he left), she also would not let me bark my opinion on TailBook. 

I have been eating most of my food lately and Thor have been acting like a gentleman, when I am done eating, he cleans off my plate (he ate the rest of my food), then washes it out (licks it out). I try to act nice too, but his bowl is too big for me to clean.

I love you a lot,



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  1. Flopsy I love your letters! Do you think you will have learned not to bark by the time we come home?

    You need to have Adrian teach you the difference between ‘then’ and ‘than’. Be sure to practice it after he tells you, THEN maybe you will remember. .

    We have not done much. Opa is doing wiring in the office. I did laundry this morning, then went to the store. I bought some ice cream and had to hurry home because it was so hot out.

    I have been visiting with Carol a friend of your mommy. Her daughter wants to meet you all some day because she has heard about Mark and your parents a lot. Their son is very tall and thin, much like Mark!

    I hope there are not too many more scary storms. I love you! Give everyone kisses for me.

    • Dear Mommy;
      I love you and miss you.
      I do not think I will stop barking when you come home, I have been giving Thor secret lessons, everyone has been annoyed (I like seeing Thor getting in trouble, but I often get in trouble too).
      I will try to remember the difference between then and than. Auntie Joyce keeps reminding me that then is like when and that they both are times.
      I wish I had ice cream too, but not a chocolate kind it gets me very sick.
      I hope there are not any more storms, it is raining a lot and it is very wet and muddy.
      I love you LOTS and LOTS!

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