The True Story of Snow White: Part One

    One day as she was embroidering, a queen pricked her finger with a needle. The queen bit back a tear of pain as three ruby red drops of blood landed on her artwork. After bandaging her finger, the queen saw how lovely the red mingled with the white of the fabric and black of the thread. The queen wished that she could have a daughter whose hair was as was as black as night, skin was as white as snow, and whose lips were the color of rubies. And, even though her wish was unrealistic, it was granted. The queen and her husband the king named the child Snow White.

When Snow White was fifteen, her mother died. A year later the king remarried to a kind and beautiful upper-class widow. The widow, who had no children of her own doted on Snow White. But Snow White was not kind to her stepmother. Just the opposite, Snow White complained about her food, whined when the queen tried to teach her sewing, refused to wear any gowns, and called her stepmother “Witch” and “Cruel”. All in all, Snow White was a very rebellious adolescent.

One day, the king and queen tried to throw a Christmas ball. Upon informing Snow White about the ball and kindly requesting her to please behave and dance with at least one boy. Snow White was horror-stricken and ran to her room. A boy! She would have to dance with a boy? So, making up her mind, Snow White jumped out of her second story window into a snow drift and ran off into the woods.

To be continued…

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